Friday, October 2, 2009

The Story Of Ninja TD!!

Wind Ninja Village: Wind gusts torment this village in the trees. Proceed with caution!

Thunderbolt Ninja Village: Always dark, only the shimmer of lightning bolts will light your way.

Ice Ninja Village: The blistering cold may just force you to find shelter in a ninja igloo.

Fire Ninja Village: Constant volcanic eruptions keep this area blistering hot. Ninjas here are well disciplined.

Sand Ninja Village: Ancient ruins are everywhere in this remote desert. Rumor has it that the ruins are home to valuable treasure and deadly quicksand.

Green Ninja: The ninjas from Wind Ninja Village have mastered generations of ninja magic allowing them to control the wind. By summoning the powers of the wind, they can increase their attack speed and reek havoc on their enemies.

Purple Ninja: By collecting atmospheric gasses, these Purple Ninjas from Thunderbolt Village utilize a specially refined poison to defeat the ememies or monsters.

Blue Ninja: Natives of freezing ice villages, these ninjas have mastered all types of ice weaponry. Their weapons bring a much needed boost to your defensive lines.

Red Ninja: These ninjas fire special bullets made from a unique volcanic rock found only in their village mines. Use them to inflict heavy damage on the enemy.

Yellow Ninja: This Sand Village Ninja is highly skilled at collecting treasure. These clever ninjas will help you accumulate large amounts of treasure. Choose their location skillfully.

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