Friday, October 2, 2009

Update Info!!

Ninja TD Ver 1.15 sale at AppStore now!!!!!!

Version 1.15 Update:
-Made Area 5 and Area 6 easier to pass.

Ninja TD Lite is on sale now in the AppStore!!!!!!

Ver1.1 Update:
1. 10 Additional stages. (Brand-New)
2. Added an Endless Mode. Successfully completing a stage now unlocks a new endless mode so you can practice your ninja skills.
3. Stage information will now be shown during stage selection.
4. New and improved AI makes the difficulty 100% natural and more user friendly.
5. On screen warnings appear before the arrival of a boss, an air strike, or before invisible forces arrive.


  1. Diffculty level 2 needs to be increased, as it is just as east as level 1.

    level 1 difficulty isn't hard, just needs some thinking. However, map 3 of volcano world, and map 4 of ice world need some fixing. the volcano one can only be beat if you sacrifice half your life at the begining to get a level 3 red ninja (which means no other towers can be built at that time).
    I can't even beat the last ice world map. The best i got is to wave 21. It really is flawed in a way. Towers ignore all air units if there is a land unit present (which means bye bye either in wave 19 or 21), red towers can't be used at all here, yellow magic to use more magic = fast leaks from air units. It's either work hard to stop air, or land. Can you please send me the strategy for this map to I want to beat it before the update to see how it was originally intended to be beat. After 50 tries i've stop playing that last level.

  2. Also, why is the story section broken? All it has is 5 pictures of the ninja towers.

    Cannot wait for endless mode though!

    Please add a new tower for V1.1 :)
    It could be a tower that boosts the speed of towers near it, or increases the number of ammo fired, or damage i guess.
    It could also be a tower that either hits land or air only, or hits both but does more damage to one?
    Another neat tower could be a flamethrower or laser tower that only targets 1 unit until it leaves it's range, dealing more damage the more it's attacking that unit (as time passes).

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  4. Oh my god , the difficulty is still really hard in V1.1 specically at Ice Village Stage level 2, I been playing for many times over and over again and cant pass this level.
    Please reduce level costs abit and the number of monsters. They are too much. Unplayable

    Please give us new update asap
    Thanks dev team

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  6. Please can you lower the difficult level again?
    I'm stuck on fire village stage 2, i've tried many times, and now i'm a bit bored to repeat the same level again and again.
    For the first level of difficult can you put the game really easy?
    thank you!

  7. Hi, I am stuck at sand village area 5. Can anyone give me some hints/tips of how to solve that. Thanks. Please share more information.

  8. I just beat all maps of the new version (i beat all 1.0 maps before the update actually). I don't think it's difficult. I think this is the perfect TD, because besides the awesome graphics, it not only forces you to manage 2 different resources (magic/gold) but also the timing of everything from what tower to build or updrade, or where to place a tower, to the proper use of magic powers. I'm trying level 2 difficulty now to see if i can get a bigger challenge. I too had to fail most maps a few times to learn from my mistakes and improve my strategy to beat the map, and that is what makes this game better than any TD out there.

    A few suggestions for future updates:
    -unique song for each village
    -new village type, ninja, or magic
    -underwater or underground units perhaps? requiring the use of a new ninja (not magic, because that would be just like invisible units and not too original)

  9. Ash, that map is very easy. Just use thunder magic to stun them, and then red ninja magic (bombs) to kill them. Get enough gold to put up a slow tower, red tower, and green tower. Use magic mostly to deal with ground, and later on towers to deal with air.

  10. Please fix the bug with air units coming out of land unit path start, in the last fire village. I barely won that map after TONS of tries, and i just got lucky.

  11. How the hell do I beat Fire level 6?? Tried every ninja combo I can think of??????

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  14. Pls dev. 4 Android ;-) Miss the game on my Droid.

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